Sector Capability Framework

A government social sector agency wanted to improve access to specialist services and funding across a region.

Hedgehog Consulting was engaged to lead a regional business improvement initiative. The agency wanted to reduce wait times and improve communication and access to support.

We worked with a project team over a six-month period to identify and improve process bottle necks, management controls, and reduce non-value added activity. Both Lean and Six Sigma improvement methodology was used.

Following initial analysis the project targeted specific services and funding. Over a six month period the project:
  • Improved regional management reporting about service demand and through-put
  • Mapped existing processes and addressed process inconsistencies and variation
  • Trialed new service and funding processes, and communication protocols across multiple offices
  • Reduced overall wait-lists for service referrals across the region
  • Improved regional process consistency for service referrals, requests, and funding decisions
The project was transitioned to business and the new processes were adopted. New business functions were continued. The improvement work also influenced a wider organisational review.



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