Hedgehog Consulting was established in 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand in a home office in the suburb of Kilbirnie. Since then we’ve grown and over the years have helped many clients with change and improvement projects.
We’re a New Zealand based company operating a team out of the capital city, Wellington. We work mostly with large clients and have significant experience in the public sector.  We have a reputation for quality work, pragmatic advice, and our ability to deliver.


The inspiration for how to run the company came from a management book by Jim Collins, called Built to Last. Another book by Seth Goddin, Purple Cow, was behind the decision to avoid being another "acronym and associates" company. 


Hedgehog Consulting was first registered with the Companies Office April 2009 as Flying Hedgehog Consulting Ltd. Our trading name of Hedgehog Consulting was also registered at the time. After a passage of time the market changed along with our client base and a pivot and re-brand occurred. The company re-branded as Hedgehog Consulting in 2014.


As a smaller consultancy and contracting supplier we know our reputation is built on our people. So, we choose to work with people who have energy for what they do. We also like to stick to what we’re good at, so we continue to build our specialist expertise and knowledge.

We operate a small team of senior consultants with a depth of experience across public and private sectors, supported by a growing talent pool of specialist contractors.


Mark Brumby is the managing director and a senior consultant with Hedgehog Consulting.

As the company’s founder, Mark is responsible for the company strategy and its successful operation.

An experienced consultant, Mark has more than 15 years of experience across central and local government in information technology, policy, service and regulatory environments.

A combination of agile, lean, and traditional portfolio, programme and project management qualifications positions Mark well to lead our practice areas and support our clients.

Mark can be contacted through our contact page or directly through his LinkedIn profile.


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Business Process Improvement Program & Project Management
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