Recruitment Review

A large city council wanted to review recruitment costs and practices across its functions.

Hedgehog Consulting was engaged to lead a review project. The council wanted to review its practices, suppliers and costs, to determine effectiveness and value-for-money.

We setup the project and lead the review in collaboration with the the Human Resources Group. Following high level analysis of council processes, policies, expenditure, turnover, and supplier contracts we worked with business managers over one month:
  • Interviewing suppliers and business unit managers
  • Identifying business unit recruitment practices, vacancies and turnover, challenges, temporary staffing demand, supplier effectiveness, process effectiveness, and business unit specific practices
  • Capturing what was effective and where there were improvement opportunities for each business unit
  • Identifying practice and process variation across units, administration requirements, bottlenecks, costs, and provider effectiveness (qualitative)
  • Producing analysis and summary information about recruitment expenditure, resourcing and practice variations, captured what was working and improvement opportunities
A report was produced completing the project. The report included the analysis and identified good practice, improvement opportunities, and suggested two alternate recruitment models based on the reviews findings. The models where designed to work with the different needs of the business units and achieve increased effectiveness and cost savings. 

The report findings were accepted and the Human resources Group undertook to implement the identified improvements and test the recruitment models with the business unit managers.


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