New Legislation Implementation

A large social sector agency engaged us to manage a change programme introducing new legislation and sector reporting requirements.

Hedgehog Consulting was engaged to manage a change programme that was introducing new legislation and policy, and sector reporting requirements. Related changes to the funding and allocation of sector supports where also being implemented in parallel.

We setup phase two of the programme including resourcing, planning, governance, and project controls. The programme was designed to respond to an internal audit and integrate with a parallel programme that was setting up a new front-line service.

Stakeholders included the minister’s office, chief executive, senior national and regional managers, peak sector bodies, and the media.

Over a nine month period the programme developed, designed and implemented:
  • A new operational service model and engagement protocols
  • New business processes and operational policies and procedures
  • Multiple sector resources, guidelines and templates and web content
  • A quality management framework and processes
  • A new workflow management systems for front-line staff
  • Rapid management reporting
The programme increased alignment between sector activities and activities within the agency. It also received a positive internal audit and delivered on Statement of Intent commitments.

Following a transition to business a significant increase in the quality of sector planning and results was reported to the Minister. New workflow systems continue to be used and further developed. Sector resources, guidelines continue to be used and further developed for the sector.


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