Front-Line Service Change

A government agency wanted to change its front-line engagement approach and streamline interactions for the sector.

Hedgehog Consulting was engaged to lead a rapid improvement and change project. This followed a period of intensive media and political attention.

The project was setup to deliver a new sector engagement model, processes, resources, and improve internal and external information, workflow and reporting systems. 

Project planning and cross-functional governance was setup to work alongside a parallel data publication project. Key project members were supplied by Hedgehog Consulting to work alongside business experts. A Lean improvement methodology was used.

Over a six month period the project: 
  • Developed and implemented a new sector engagement approach across the country
  • Implemented a centralised processing function to reduce administration overheads for front-line staff
  • Developed new simplified business processes and addressed regional process variations
  • Made significant improvements and simplifications to internal workflow systems
  • Worked with external vendors to make changes to reporting systems used by the sector, to simplify reporting
  • Reviewed and redesigned sector guidance, resources, templates and related collateral
The project was completed on time and transitioned to business ahead of the next sector engagement cycle. 
The new processes and systems were adopted. The centralised processing function and changes to workflow systems reduced administration time for front-line staff.


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